Titanite (Sphene)

Gems, 11.0 x 9.5 mm, 4.64 ct
Start Time: 01/31/2023 5:00:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 02/09/2023 1:30:00 pm (CST)
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Item Description

Sphene is a classic collector’s stone that has become more mainstream in recent years owing to its rich body colors, strong trichroism, and dispersive “fire” that exceeds diamond. This 4.64 carat cushion cut sparkles brilliantly with flashes of orange, yellow, and green. Sphene comes from the Greek word sphenos in allusion to the mineral’s characteristic wedge-shaped crystals. But it also goes by the name titanite that referencing its place in the mineral group. Sphene is commonly used in the gem and jewelry industry, whereas mineralogists often describe it as titanite. It is softer than many other popular gems, but sphenes can make wonderful jewelry stones if set and maintained properly. This oval brilliant-cut sphene gemstone is entirely clean, precision faceted, and a good size for versatile uses in jewelry settings. It has a delightfully rich but bright golden ‘kiwi” color with neon-like intensity. (N)